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Women's Fashion Accessories and Home Decor

Haute Cottage In The Woods is a lifestyle brand that will feature apparel, accessories, home textiles and gifts.

Our inaugural product line will consist of 

Scarves & Kerchiefs.



Alicia Pardey

Growing up in a creative family, Alicia new from early on that she would pursuit a career in the arts. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fashion Design from Ai Miami International University of Art & Design. She's worked in clothing production,  independently as a textile designer and as a graphic designer, but her true passion has always been print design, hence Haute Cottage In The Woods was born.

Alicia loves to design everything from conversational pieces to pretty geometrics. She finds inspiration in nature and spirituality. She fondly remembers what her 9th grade english teacher once told her, "In order to find your creative genius, you must peel back the layers of your mind. Like peeling an onion, each layer peeled gets you closer to your core, your inner soul, your true greatness."